Martes, Setyembre 10, 2013

Retro Revival

Last Friday, September 6, 2013 our Department School of IE-EMG had out convergence party themed: "REWINDING THE PAST: REVISIT RETRO UNTIL IT LAST." So obviously our dress code is retro. Woooo!

The event starts at 5pm, but due to the Filipino time, it didn't exactly started that early. Me and friends arrived at Tomas Morato at 6pm, we're actually early so we went to Il Terrazzo first;

With my friends (photo (c) Reigh)

Then we went to Prime Upscale Club a little later;

(c) Jasmine Arreola 

With Vanny, Reigh and Karen

As an SC officer, we are required to dance, hahaha. we danced the 90's music: wannabe and stop by spicegirls

mia, rikki, reigh, me and vanny (c) Vanny Ong

Signature pose. (c) Vanny Ong

And my Retro look :D
Pass of Fail? 


Linggo, Marso 11, 2012

PyroMusical 2012

When: March 3,2012
Where: Mall of Asia
  • China: 7:00PM
  • Netherland: 8:00PM

At five o' clock, we started looking for our spot to make sure we have a good one for picture takings. Since we're in the Philippines, the event didn't started as we expected, it started almost an hour and a half late. so here are some photos we took from the event :) 

note: sorry for the pictures, we're not really the photographer types :p

With my sister

While waiting for the fireworks and sunset :D






Huwebes, Nobyembre 24, 2011

ninoy aquino wildlife park.,

Photography by JM Go. 
Certified Mapuan :)

Nish, Arriane, karen

Well, i got this from the photographer's facebook account, Mr. Lee Jeonghun, and I only grab my photos. :)
i really did enjoy this day, and in the future i might really be a model. a "short one". ahaha. 
wow, i so love the photos, i wonder if the camera loves me, i can't really speaak for myself. what do you think?


Sabado, Agosto 13, 2011


Recently I found drowning Equilibriums blog and saw the primadonna styling challenge. Good thing I got a pair which I just bought a month ago. It was a boots I've been saving up for awhile and finally i got t (it was on sale!) haha.

So this is it, (baliktd ung shoes.haha) a military boots and im lovin' it, especially nung rainy days. i did used it alot,. it's comfortable and there's a lot of styles, pieces and outfit you could match up with this pair, so it was really had for me to decide on what to style in joining .

i did came up with this,

i combined several pieces i have in my closet, that i think that could match together with my primadonna shoes. It was really hard to think of an outfit., but finally this was my last decision and the outfit i m going to enter.

Dress- Get Laud!
Blazer- G2000
Bag-St. Fancis Square
Bangles- Market Market
Socks- Landmark

so there it is, 
wish me luck :)