Sabado, Agosto 13, 2011


Recently I found drowning Equilibriums blog and saw the primadonna styling challenge. Good thing I got a pair which I just bought a month ago. It was a boots I've been saving up for awhile and finally i got t (it was on sale!) haha.

So this is it, (baliktd ung shoes.haha) a military boots and im lovin' it, especially nung rainy days. i did used it alot,. it's comfortable and there's a lot of styles, pieces and outfit you could match up with this pair, so it was really had for me to decide on what to style in joining .

i did came up with this,

i combined several pieces i have in my closet, that i think that could match together with my primadonna shoes. It was really hard to think of an outfit., but finally this was my last decision and the outfit i m going to enter.

Dress- Get Laud!
Blazer- G2000
Bag-St. Fancis Square
Bangles- Market Market
Socks- Landmark

so there it is, 
wish me luck :)